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2024 is the year
for fixed ops

Get ahead of your competition

Our clients see dramatic improvement no matter what brand of vehicle you service

One of the nice things about our line of work is that our impact on our clients’ businesses is directly measurable in terms of CSI, ELR, and net/gross. Check out the crazy results some of our clients have seen below, and gear up to become our next success story.

Net/Gross went from

2.2% to 21.9%

Effective Labor Rate increase

10 CSI from 74.2 to 81

Net/Gross went from

12.5% to 20.4%

Effective Labor Rate increase

10 CSI from 78 to 85

Net/Gross went from

18.6% to 44.4%

Effective Labor Rate increase

19 CSI from 86 to 88

Net/Gross went from

30.6% to 63%

Effective Labor Rate increase

of $7

Net/Gross went from

35.6% to 51%

Effective Labor Rate increase

of $8

Net/Gross went from

-7% to 31%

Effective Labor Rate increase

18 CSI from63 to 74

We are the ‘Wolf’ from Pulp Fiction. We’re the ones you’re gonna call when everything is on the line.

Change YOUR Service Departments into Net Profit Making Machines.

customer satisfaction

customer retention

your profits


We crave a challenge.

No one is going to hand us anything, nor are we entitled to anything.​

We are Hungry, Humble and Smart.

We are changing the world of business, TOGETHER.


It’s not quite that easy. It takes hard work to transform your business into a well-oiled, profitable machine. The good news is that we’ve put together everything you need to succeed, with customizable options so you can choose what’s best for your business.

DIY Instruction Manuals

Get our no-nonsense advice delivered directly to your door via our comprehensive books. When you follow the steps outlined in our books, the impact on your business will be like having your own personal genie in a bottle granting your wishes.


Cars are lasting longer and needing fewer repairs. Curious about how to turn a profit in this changing environment? Our FREE training videos will help you revolutionize your business.

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Are you working in the business or on the business? ​ It is possible to stop ‘spinning your wheels’ and get back into the black.

I made these two training videos for you...
  1. Why Fixed Absorption is a House of Cards
  2. How to Make Profits in Today's Ever-Changing Environment
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