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Chris Collins

Chris Collins is a CEO, Author, Coach, Trainer, Host, and Co-host, who works with Dealer Owners and General Managers interested in increasing the value of their Dealership. His virtual Interactive Training for Service Advisors and Managers is fun, teaches lessons that stick and prove that work can be fun while you put up huge numbers. Through his training, Fixed Operations Directors, Service Managers, Service Directors dramatically increase Customer Pay Sales, Customer Retention, & CSI/CSE.

Chris has been CEO of Chris Collins Inc since 2005. He has built a reputation in the industry of being the #1 Expert in Fixed Operations and as a Service Trainer. People call him a consultant but he sees himself more of a Fixer. His passion for this industry helps produce RESULTS his clients never dreamed possible.

Chris is a record holder within the BMW dealerships. As a General Manager he grew Crevier BMW to the eighth largest dealership in the United States in less than three years, from the previous position of 123rd, a growth of over 300 percent.

While acting as General Manager, his team broke records for all of BMW new car sales and was the number one selling single point BMW dealership in 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005. His team also broke the sales record for all of BMW for certified pre-owned cars in 2004.

He currently holds the record set in 2001 for the largest year over year increase in Customer Pay Sales in the Fixed Operations (Service & Parts) of $1.5 million in sales. He is directly responsible for that record and it has not been broken to this day.

Goals of the Training

Service managers that become certified in this course will experience the following:
• Increased labor and parts sales, which will increase their commissioned sales and income
• An advanced understanding of how to achieve service profitability and fixed absorption
• Managers will create a culture of training and constant improvement

The dealership service department will have an increase in:
• Increase in labor and parts sales per vehicle (hours per repair order)
• Improved employee satisfaction and lower turnover
• Improved customer satisfaction scores (CSI/CSE)
• Increased effective labor rate


Students will be provided with exams to test their level of knowledge upon completing each Chris Collins On Demand course and will receive certificate of completion based on passing grade of 70%.

Our Instructors

Vicki Johns


Vicki Johns is a Coach who works with Service Advisors and Managers by person to person coaching and in person training. She shows passion to her clients and passes on the knowledge she has received.

Vicki was born and raised with the auto industry in her blood as both of her parents were in the business. She started in the automotive industry in 1985, found her passion in fixed operations had has 32 years of progressive experience.

Vicki received the Chris Collins Top Dog Service Manager of the year in 2011, 2012, and 2013. She also received the Chris Collins Top Dog Manager Award 27 out of 36 months and won the Chris Collins $25k Service Manager Challenge.

Vicki has one year experience as a Service Advisor, 11 years experience as a Warranty Manager and 20 years as a Service Manager. She also has been a CSI/BDC Manager for one year and a Service Director for one year.

Vicki holds an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice and an Associate Degree in Law Enforcement.

Christian Lafferty


Christian Lafferty is a Service Coach and Instructor who works with Service Advisors, Managers, and Dealer Owners. He guides them with his passion and knowledge through hands on training during dealership visits to build a lifetime of change.

Initially, Christian worked at a dealership that signed a contract with Chris Collins. He had unlimited access to people and resources who knew more about the automotive industry then he was ever aware existed. This experience changed his philosophy on all aspects of life. As a result of this relationship, his service sales were up over 50%, and his net profit rose by 300%.

Christian has over 19 years of experience in the Automotive Industry. He has worked in Service Management, as an Automotive Sales Consultant, and as a Service Advisor. He was also a Chris Collins Coaching Group Elite Coaching Member from 2015-2016.

Christian has received the Infiniti Award of Excellence for Service Advisors and Infiniti Award of Excellence for Service Managers. He also received the Chris Collins Top Dog Service Manager Award five times.

Christian holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Aurora University.

Chris Hogland


Chris Hogland is a Service Performance Coach, Trainer and Instructor who works with Service Advisors and Managers with hands on coaching visits, in person training and as a group course instructor.

Chris has over 17 years of fixed operations experience with progressive growth from Master Technician to Parts and Service Director of a multimillion-dollar luxury automotive dealership. His passion for the industry has been proven through leadership, management, director positions and setting dealership history records. He shares his knowledge and challenges with clients to develop a lifetime of confidence and loyalty within customers and increase profits.

Chris has been awarded the BMW Group Europe Incentive Trip for Top Fixed Operations Sales Growth. Also, he was recruited by Tesla Motors as a Field Service Technician during start-up.

Chris is an ASE Master Technician (Certifications A1-A8), ASE Advanced Level Engine Specialist (Certification L1), BMW Master Technician (Certification L1), and BMW Group Profiles in Achievement Parts and Service Director.

Chris holds a Master Technician status from BMW STEP and studied Automotive Technology at the Universal Technical Institute.



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