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About Us

Chris Collins

Chris Collins is a CEO, Author, Coach, Trainer, Host, and Co-host, who works with Dealer Owners and General Managers interested in increasing the value of their Dealership. His virtual Interactive Training for Service Advisors and Managers is fun, teaches lessons that stick and prove that work can be fun while you put up huge numbers. Through his training, Fixed Operations Directors, Service Managers, Service Directors dramatically increase Customer Pay Sales, Customer Retention, & CSI/CSE.

Chris has been CEO of Chris Collins Inc since 2005. He has built a reputation in the industry of being the #1 Expert in Fixed Operations and as a Service Trainer. People call him a consultant but he sees himself more of a Fixer. His passion for this industry helps produce RESULTS his clients never dreamed possible.

Chris is a record holder within the BMW dealerships. As a General Manager he grew Crevier BMW to the eighth largest dealership in the United States in less than three years, from the previous position of 123rd, a growth of over 300 percent.

Goals of the Training

Service managers that become certified in this course will experience the following:

  • Increased labor and parts sales, which will increase their commissioned sales and income
  • An advanced understanding of how to achieve service profitability and fixed absorption
  • Managers will create a culture of training and constant improvement

The dealership service department will have an increase in:

  • Increase in labor and parts sales per vehicle (hours per repair order)
  • Improved employee satisfaction and lower turnover
  • Improved customer satisfaction scores (CSI/CSE)
  • Increased effective labor rate


Students will be provided with exams to test their level of knowledge upon completing each Chris Collins On Demand course and will receive certificate of completion based on passing grade of 70%.

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